5 Working Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

5 Working Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

It was the end of the long day and darkness set in. How to help child calm down, relax, and get ready for a good night’s sleep?

Sound and healthy sleep is an important part of the good health of baby and his or her parents. However, sometimes nap time can turn into a war zone when babies can’t settle down and fall asleep peacefully. But there are ways to even things out. Try these 5 Working Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep… And win a sound and healthy sleep !

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1. Set a wake-up time

First of all, observe and determine how long your child needs to sleep. Based on this, set what time he should go to bed and what time he should wake up. Try to be consistent with the schedule. Allowing your child to sleep later on weekends is generous, but it can backfire in the long run.  School-age children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night. However, sleep needs and routines vary widely. Set an individual bedtime

If you try to keep the bedtime and wake-up time the same, within an hour or so each day, you will make life much easier for yourself and your child. Gradually it will become a habit and you will see your child start to yawn by the time you have set.

2. Create a special routine before bedtime

Routines are especially important for children of all ages. After dinner, try to include only quiet play, bathing, brushing teeth, putting toys away, putting favorite characters to bed, a bedtime stories, and then bedtime.

Try to make the daily routine before bedtime calm and relaxing, create a soft and cozy atmosphere for bedtime.

3. Turn off gadgets two hours before bedtime

Why shouldn’t use gadgets before going to bed? The blue light from a gadget screen interferes with the full production of a hormone called melatonin.

Melatonin is an important component of a healthy and deep sleep. When melatonin is not being produced properly, it can be difficult for a child to fall asleep and the nervous system is in a state of agitation. There is also a disturbance in the alternation of sleep phases, which badly affects how you feel the next day. The child becomes tearful and irritable. And as a consequence, everyone in the family becomes like this.

First of all, start with yourself. Try to make sure that all the screens were off two hours before bedtime. Keep your phone on silent mode and just be a good role model!

4. Observe the temperature setting

Your baby’s sleep cycle doesn’t just depend on light and playtime before bedtime. It is also sensitive to temperature. Melatonin levels help regulate the decrease in internal body temperature needed for sleep.

Dress your baby in breathable cotton pajamas and keep the bedroom temperature at 65-70°F (18-20°C) at night.

5. Who lives in the dark?

Why is a child afraid to fall asleep alone? Who lives in the dark? Many adults often don’t pay much attention to children’s anxieties. As a result, the child is left alone with his or her worries and fears, without support. Help your child overcome his anxieties and fears. Just remember, if something or someone arouses strong emotions in your child, it means it is really important for him or her, and therefore for you!

One of the most common childhood fears is the fear of the dark, or rather the fear of WHO lives in this dark, for example ghosts or monsters that live under your child’s bed. Instead of devaluing children’s fears before bedtime, discuss them with your child. It will be great if you can figure out a way to overcome this anxiety together. A brave amulet, a super strength drink or a magic lantern that will illuminate the darkest corners of a child’s room will allow your child to calm down and feel safe. In this way you will help avoid excessive amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your child’s body.

Also perfect idea is using special GOOD NIGHT & SWEET DREAMS COLORING PAGES. Kind and cute characters will help kids get in the mood for a calming and relaxing bedtime routine.

Free Printable Good Night & Sweet Dreams (Animals) Coloring Pages

Color these Goodnight & Sweet Dreams coloring pages and give them to your friends and family to wish them a good night and a great day ahead.







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