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I believe it is critical to create an environment from an early age in which children have the opportunity to reach their cognitive potential. Why is this so important? As a neuropsychologist, I know that every stage of brain development has its sensory period and that if it is missed or worked on incorrectly, some of the cognitive functions may be underdeveloped.

A child’s cognitive development includes the overall processes of perception, attention, memory, pattern recognition, concept formation and reasoning, intelligence, including emotional and social intelligence, and academic achievement. And it’s not complicated at all 🙂

There are many specific activities and games that we can practice to help our children develop cognitive skills. Here you will find many printables and worksheets for free download. Let’s Print & Color!

Free Education Printables, Cognitive Worksheets & Coloring Pages for Kids


Children’s Bedtime Stories & Activity eBooks for Download or Read Online

Fast DIY Creative Paper Craft Ideas

Easy Origami Instructions

Drawing Tutorials for Beginners Step by Step

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