Easy Origami Chicken Instruction step by step

łatwa Instrukcja Origami kurczaka krok po kroku / chiken origami
Easy Chiken Origami


Easy Origami Chicken Instruction step by step 1

Easy Origami Chicken Instruction step by step 2

Origami Farm Bird Chicken Easy step by step scheme:

Tip: Take a paper square colored yellow or orange on one side. Fold the basic “triangle” shape outward in white and follow the instruction.

  1. Fold the triangle in half.
  2. Raise the corners to the top of the right angle.
  3. Lower the raised corners at an angle from each other. Rotate the figure with the three corners up.
  4. Bend the side corners of the upper part. In the lower part, bend the corners from the center of the square, and one of them is slightly larger than the other. Turn it.
  5. Slightly bend the top corner, then lower the entire first layer.
  6. Lower the second layer of the upper part.
  7. Bend along the intended lines and pinch the corner.
  8. Bend the figure in half “mountain”. Turn it around.
  9. Make a double bend of the “zipper” by making a chicken comb.
  10. Similarly, make a double bend of the “zipper”, for the chicken tail.
  11. Bend the corner for the chicken beard and lift the corner-wing.
  12. In the lower “pocket” part make a bend “zipper”, making a chicken leg. Repeat the steps 10-12 images, making the second wing.

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