COLOURFUL RHYMES: Rhymes, Songs, Stories and General Knowledge for Kids

‘The Colourful Rhymes’ has a special place in the world of the children. Tiny tots love rhythm and music as well as fantasy, which this book jjrovides. Learning becomes fun when it appeals to the senses. When the eyes and the ears have the sensation of pleasure, the child wants to learn more and more.

The book has four sections; Rhymes and Songs for Junior Kindergarden, Rhymes and Songs for Senior Kindergarten Stories and General Knowledge. The last two sections are included to enable the teacher to choose the stories and the topics of general knowledge suited to the level and interest of the students.

The rhymes and songs have been judiciously arranged. The stories have been written in simple language to facilitate easy comprehension. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals and birds are illustrated in their natural colours. The beautiful and artistic pictures will fascinate the child. It will bring joy to the adult as well as the ‘tot’.


Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 8 mb

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