Mare and Foal Coloring Page

4 Interesting facts about foals

1. A foal stays in its mother’s belly for eleven months. That’s how long it takes for the foal to gain strength.

2. Foals are born with the ability to stand on their feet, and a little later even to walk and gallop. Nature designed it this way to increase the chance of survival, because ancient horses constantly had to change locations because of attacks by predators.

3. Unbelievable but is true! Basically, foals are born at night. And the birthing process itself is very fast. You won’t have time to drink your hot tea before the foal is born. The night births have a simple explanation. In the wild, horses were more comfortable to give birth in the dark, because the darkness is a natural protection from predators.

4. Teaching and training – it will be a long time before a foal can be saddled. But you can start to teach your foal good manners at an early age, such as raising his legs while brushing. Foals are very trainable, so don’t waste time ! 😉

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