6 Working Tips for Becoming a Peaceful & Calm Parent

How to be more calming parents?

Parenting is tough! We can’t disable parenting feature for a couple of hours to get enough sleep or just have time to clean the home until all games are back on the floor. And we’re angry. One way that many parents express their anger and frustration is by yelling at their kids. But later, most moms and dads regret it and feel like very bad parents…

Calm parenting is the best way to show your children that you love and accept them, despite their bad behavior. Sometimes it can be very difficult but is possible! Learn to manage your anger and arrive at a peaceful solution using these 6 simple strategies:

  1. Breathe. Taking deep breaths, give yourself a few minutes to allow a level of reason to return to your mind. You’ll be in a better place to make appropriate parenting decisions.
  2. Being happy or being right: decide which is more important for you. Do you know that many arguments are the result of the desire just to be right? If you choose to be happy over winning every heated discussion with your kids, your life will be more enjoyable, and you will become a more relaxed parent overall. It’s for you to decide which is more important to you.
  3. Consider the negative consequences before your anger. Before lashing out at your kids or taking what you consider to be appropriate actions, consider how things will be when the smoke clears.
  4. Try to understand your anger. Instead of mindlessly reacting, take a moment to understand why you feel it. Why does this make you so angry ? What does it feel like to you? Where is the emotion coming from? By understanding your anger, you can gain a different perspective and be more patient parent.
  5. Look for solutions together with kids! Rather than yelling at your kids, for instance, work on finding a peaceful solution. Ask your child for advice on how they see the solution to your family dilemma. Will see, the outcome will be much better and well worth your time.
  6. Learn and practice relaxation techniques. The more relaxed you are on a regular basis as a parent, the less likely you are to become angry. And good new is – it’s a skill that can be learned. Start drawing!

Here you will find absolutely Free Printable Anti-stress Adults Coloring Book for good mood and parents inspiration. This Art Therapy Coloring Book inspired by Sweden Philosophy of Hygge & Lagom. As we Know Hygge is art of simple living, and Lagom is “just the right amount”. Mindfulness, calmness and harmony with yourself is the key to happy parenting & family.

 6 Working Tips for Becoming a Peaceful & Calm Parent

Search your soul harmony trying to balance the colors so that they are a reflection of your emotions of “this” moment. Choose which Stress Relief Coloring pages for adults you want to color right now, download it, print and enjoy drawing!

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