Beautiful Illustrated Little Red Riding Hood Story + Activities

full-colour illustrated Little Red Riding Hood Book Story PDF Free
Little Red Riding Hood Story Book

Little Red Riding Hood is the adventure of an adorable little girl with a red coat who goes to visit her sick grandmother and meets a greedy wolf on the way.

New Editions Primary Classic Readers is a three-level series of classic tales comprising some of the best-loved childrens stories. The stories have been retold and carefully adapted for each level. The books are graded in terms of vocabulary and grammar to reflect students capabilities at each level, making reading for pleasure in English simple and enjoyable.

Free Printable Little Red Riding Hood Coloring Page

This book contains:

  • full-colour illustrations alongside the text to support students in their reading and increase motivation
  • a 5-page activity section designed to revise and consolidate the vocabulary found in each tale
  • a picture glossary at the back to build up students’ vocabulary


  • Little Red Riding Hood Story
  • Activities
  • Picture Glossary

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 36
Size: 3 mb

Free download Little Red Riding Hood Story + Activities:

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