Crayfish coloring page

Crayfish are crustaceans that are closely related to the lobster. Crayfish are also called crayfish or crawfish. Almost all crayfish live in fresh water, although some species are found in brackish or salt water.

Common in streams and lakes, crayfish often hide under rocks or logs. They are most active at night, when they feed mostly on snails, insect larvae, worms, and amphibian tadpoles; some feed on vegetation. Crayfish mate in the fall and lay eggs in the spring. The eggs, attached to the abdomen of the female, hatch in five to eight weeks. The larvae remain on the mother for several weeks. The life span of the crayfish ranges from 1 to 20 years, depending on the species. Did you know it?

Free Printable Crayfish coloring page for kids PDF
Free Printable Crayfish coloring page
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