Count Animals With Numbers 1-10 Worksheets for Kids

Learning numbers are printable educational worksheers that are designed for kindergarten and preschool kids ages over 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Number Coloring Pages will teach your child to identify numbers, count them, write them and pronounce them correctly.

Number 1 and one peacock coloring page
Number 1 and One Peacock


two sleeping cats or number 2 coloring sheets printable
Two Sleeping Cats and Number 2


3 goose and number 3 coloring page printable
Three Goose and Number 3


Four Ducks on a Pond and number 4 coloring page printable
Four Ducks and Number 4


5 Puppies and Number 5 Coloring Page Printable Learning Numbers
Five Puppies and Number 5


6 cows in meadow and number 6 coloring page printable
Six Cows and Number 6


Seven Rabbits in grass and Number 7 Coloring Page
Seven Rabbits and Number 7


Eight eating pigs and Number 8 Coloring Page Printable
Eight Pigs and Number 8


Nine Chickens Hens Fashionista and Number 9 Coloring Pages Printable
Nine Chickens Hens and Number 9


Ten sheep graze in meadow and Number 10 Coloring Page Printable Learning Numbers
Ten sheep and Number 10
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