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What are 11 most interesting facts about cats & kittens your kids probably don’t know yet?


random interesting facts about cats & kittens
Sleeping Kitten

Discover for you and your kids some fun facts about these cute domestic animals:

  • 1. Cats spend about 70% of their life sleeping. They sleep about 16 hours a day.
  • 2. Adult cats meow exclusively for humans, they never do this to each other.
  • 3. A cat has 24 more bones than a human! There are 230 bones in his skeleton.
  • 4. There are more than 600 million domestic cats in the world.
  • 5. Cats have four toes on their hind legs and five on their forelegs. You can check it out!
fun facts about adult cats & kittens for kids
Adult Cat
  • 6. Imagine, cats are absolutely indifferent to sweet, just because they do not distinguish this taste!
  • 7. Cats don’t see well what’s right in front of their noses! So they can’t always find what you gave them.
  • 8. In fact, cats don’t tolerate cow’s milk, it can cause digestive disorders.
  • 9. Every cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint.
  • 10. Cats have a great sense of smell, but they need a nose not only for that. Cats use their noses to measure the temperature of objects around them!
  • 11. Cats need whiskers not only for beauty. Cat whiskers are a very important tactile organ, with which they navigate in space! Be careful with them!

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