Cake Decorating: Recipes & Tips of Advanced Techniques

This Cake Decorating Magazine (1990)  contains many traditional and original time-tested recipes, retro cake designs from the most talented cake makers in the world. Includes Step-by-step Instructions for an Exquisite Wedding Cake. In this issue of the magazine you will learn:


Marzipan fruits look wonderful when used to decorate cakes, or they can be eaten as petits fours with coffee after dinner. On the following pages you will see how easy to make Marzipan Apples, Strawberries, Lemons, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes, Watermelon Slices, Cherries, Pears.

Cake tins (pans) are lined with paper to protect the cake while it is baking. Rich fruit cakes can become too brown on the outside while the centre can still be uncooked. A paper-lined tin also ensures that the cooked cake has the even surface necessary as a base for a smooth finish of fondant.

A perfectly prepared base board covered with paper or fabric always enhances the appearance of any decorated cake.

The covering of a cake is an important step in ensuring a perfectly finished cake. As all good decorators know, no matter how much skill is applied in design and ornamentation, an uneven base will detract from the overall appearance of a completed cake. So obtaining a smooth, flaw-free surface is a vital first step.

Ribbon insertion, piping a name, simple embroidery – follow these patterns and simple steps to decorate your own cake.

On the following pages you will see how easy to make Jasmine sugared flowers, , Forget-me-not, Briar Rose, RoseBuds and Garett Frill

This enchanting cake will delight any new baby’s family and friends at the gathering after that very important occasion in a baby’s life – the Christening.

Follow these steps to make this beautiful spray of sweet peas.

It takes a bit of practice to master the art of floodwork, but when done correctly it creates a beautiful effect.
Brush floodwork is a cake decorating technique, whereby a mural or design is transferred on to a plaque or cake by the use of diluted coloured royal icing and a paintbrush.

An exciting new technique for decorating chocolate Easter eggs imaginatively.

Children will enjoy helping you to cut out the different shapes. Tiny pieces of glace cherry or currants can be used to decorate the shapes before they are baked.

It has happened once again. The cake you spent all those long, long hours decorating has not even rated a mention in the judging. You did not really expect to win first prize or even a place, but this time you were sure you had done your best work ever and a Highly Commended card in front of your cake would have been wonderful. The fondant was the smoothest you had ever done, the piping was perfect, you had given a lot of thought to the design and the flowers you had modelled were without a flaw.

Family and friends agreed that it was a beautifully decorated cake. You had entered many other cake decorating competitions before and not really been surprised not to rate an award, but this time you were convinced you had created a winner. But after the judging, there was no winning card next to your cake with your name on it. You looked at the cake that was awarded First Prize and you could see it was a little better than yours, but you could not quite sec what made it so special and why the judges thought it the best. Winning isn’t everything but if you would like to do better in cake competitions, it will help if you know what the judges want.

World of Cakes:


Croquembouche made from a pyramid of choux puffs or profiteroles is the traditional wedding cake of France. Croquembouche means liierally cracks-in-the-mouth, and that’s just what it does – it is covered with sugar syrup and decorated with spun sugar.

The history of the croquembouche is fascinating. They were originally phallic symbols, and in Prance were carried reverently to church in holy processions where they were blessed by the village priests. This custom ended around 1820, but they have remained the traditional wedding cake of Prance. A croquembouche is becoming popular with brides in some other countries. especially for summer weddings. It also makes an unusual birthday or celebration cake. The white sugar flowers that decorate a croquembouche symbolize the brides virginity, the coloured ones represent children.

Sugared almonds have always been associated with weddings, and today they are often given to guests as a gift from the bride at the weddings of many different cultures. In ancient times almonds were called ‘divine fruits’ and were thought to have the power to bestow fertility on a couple. Decorating a croquembouche with sugared almonds seems to be a relatively recent custom To serve a

croquembouche. do not cut with a knife, unless at a wedding and you want to make the first traditional cut. Use a spoon and fork.


CASSATA ALLA SICILIANA (Traditional Italian Cake Recipe)

Cassata alla Siciliana is one of the great traditional cakes of Sicily. Cassata alla Siciliana used to be eaten only during the religious festivals of Christmas and Easter and came to signify the beginnings of a new way of life. Now it is served on any day Sicilians want to celebrate. The cake is part of the sweet-toothed tradition of Sicily that began with the Saracen invasion of the island in the 9th century.

The Arabs brought with them a great love for elaborate desserts and the Sicilians soon added their own distinctive touches to create the cakes and desserts for which their island is so famous. For the hard-working Sicilians, industrious by necessity in a land where life can be very hard.

Cassata alla Siciliana is more than just a cake. It is a part of the warmth and intensity of the island’s festivals. Served as a special treat, its richness and unforgettable taste embody all that is colourful and passionate in Sicily. For many people, the word cassata brings to mind a type of rich layered ice cream, thick with fruit and nuts. But the traditional cassata is really a variety of cheese cake.

There are many, many versions of the cake. Some recipes use sponge fingers to line a mould filled with cream cheese; others specify ice cream between layers of cake. Some cakes are coated with a thick rich frosting; others have a light dusting of icing sugar. This version is made from a simple butter sponge, baked in a loaf tin. The cake is cut into layers, spread with a liqueur-enriched cream cheese filling and then coated with a rich dark chocolate frosting.

Quick & Easy CHOCOLATE CAKES Recipes

Let yourself be tempted by these rich dark luscious cakes. Forget about diets, forget about willpower and enjoy these cakes made with everyone’s favourite flavour — chocolate. Once called ‘food of the gods’ and only eaten by the elite, chocolate is loved by people everywhere.


  • PETITS FOURS are made from a plain genoise cake and ihe following recipe will yield about 72 petits fours.


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