Romantic Cakes Ideas & Decorating DIY Hacks

Romantic Spring Cake Ideas and DIY Hacks Decorating
Romantic Spring Cake

This cake is perfect for all romantic occasions! You could also incorporate roses or other favourite flowers into your own colour scheme to create this special wedding cake.




Vintage Blue Wedding Cake Recipe & Decorating Life Hacks
Vintage Wedding Cake

A vintage style wedding calls for a classic design and this Wedgwood inspired cake fits the bill nicely. To personalise the cake, why not replace the cameo with a piped monogram.



Flowers Cake Recipe & Decorating DIY Hacks
Flowers Cake

This yellow globe flower/trollius is part of the ranunculacae family. It is difficult and fragile to make and you will need patience but it is well worth the effort.




Rose, Hearts and Lace Cake Ideas & Decorating DIY Hacks Step-by-Step
Rose, Hearts and Lace Cake

This wedding cake would be suitable for a ‘vintage’ themed wedding or one tier coloured appropriately would make a lovely anniversary cake. Although it has the traditional romantic decorations of roses, hearts, flowers and embroidery it is still a very modern cake.

Marry Me Cake Ideas & Decorating DIY Hacks
Marry Me Cake Ideas

An unusual way of proposing!  This cake can be adapted for a chef or as a groom’s cake or a fun wedding cake for a couple of chefs. Alternatively leave off the hearts and use for an annual pancake race event.




A Cushioned Valentine Cake Recipe & Decorating Hacks Step-by-Step
A Cushioned Valentine Cake

Little soft cushions to express your love for another, what couia be more sweet?




Flowers & Birds Wedding Cake Idea
Flowers & Birds Wedding Cake

This two-tier wedding cake creation is one for fun loving couples who seek an alternative to the traditional bride and groom cake. If you like to tweet, then perhaps this one is for you!




Bows & Beribboned Cake Idea & Dicorating Hacks
Bows & Beribboned Cake Idea

Alencon lace; the Queen of lace for the crowning glory on her wedding day. Laced with colour burnished with gold no doubt the sweetest petite treat.




Perfeсt Love Cake with Cats Idea & Decorating Life Hacks
Perfeсt Love Cake with Cats

Are you “feline” the love this Valentine’s Day? Cat lovers and lovers alike; make someone’s day more special with a sugar creation to melt the heart.



BAKING:  Valentine Specials Recipes

St Valentine’s Day on the fourteenth of February gives us the opportunity to make pretty cakes for someone special or for friends. These recipes can also be made in different shapes without the hearts for other occasions because they are all delicious.

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