A Book about Stars and Planets To Be Read To Kids by Levitan

What are stars? What is the sun?

This book will help give 6- to 8-year-olds an idea of astronomy. A knowledge of astronomy is very useful for children. It is not enough just to read it. The reading must be supplemented by observations, experiments and discussion of what has been observed and read. Children will not be able to understand the material contained in this book without working on it with their parents.

A Book about Stars and Planets To Be Read To Kids PDF Free Download

How do explain Solar System to children?

The book has many illustrations which when being examined together with a child will enlarge and deepen the knowledge gained in reading. A child’s attention to begin with will be drawn to the large colour pictures. You can use these to discuss what has been read, or even suggest that the child make up his own stories about the pictures.

What is the legend story of Ursa Major?

The documentary photographs, engravings and drawings in the margins will help you to explain the astronomical concepts and phenomena to the child more easily and graphically. Before reading the book to children, please look through it yourself, paying particular attention to the instructions at the beginning of each section.

After reading each story with the children, find out what they have understood and remembered, if the material has proved difficult for them, read it once again and look at the illustrations.


  1. The Sun
  2. The Stars
  3. The Solar System
  4. The Planets

The magic spaceship continued its flight to Venus. All of a sudden, a siren sounded and signal lights flashed. The ship commander announced:
“What’s happened?” the children asked in fright.
“Don’t worry,” said Father. “Astronauts must always be ready for unexpected events.”
“Watch the instruments, commander!” the flight controller ordered. “Mechanic and navigator, report whether you can see Venus which the Space Arrow is approaching.”

An unfamiliar dark planet appeared in the viewports.
“Could that be Venus?” Sveta blurted out.
“It’s Venus all right,” the commander said firmly. “We’re flying towards the side of the planet which is not lit up by the Sun, and that’s why we see a dark Venus.”


Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 130
Size: 7 mb

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