5 Working Tips for Becoming a Peaceful & Calm Parent

How do you become a calmer parent?

Parenting is hard! We can’t turn off parenting for a couple of hours to get some sleep or just have time to clean the house before all the games are back on the floor. And we get mad. One way many parents express their anger and frustration is by yelling at their children. But later, most moms and dads regret it and feel like very bad parents… Don’t they?

5 Working Tips for Becoming a Peaceful & Calm Parent

Calm parenting is the best way to show your children that you love and accept them despite their bad behavior. Sometimes this can be very difficult, but it is possible! Learn to manage your anger and come to a peaceful resolution using these 6 simple strategies:

#1 Breathing

Learn to recognize that critical moment when your emotional outburst is just seconds away. Take pause, close your eyes and begin to breathe very deeply, counting down from 10 to 1. Remember, any even the strongest emotion cannot last forever. The brain is so built, it cannot experience two strong emotions at the same time, so try to remember something good, even if it is very difficult right now. It will help relieve the emotional tension and help your mind come back to consciousness šŸ™‚ Believe me, in a few moments you will be in a better state of mind to make good parenting decisions that you won’t have to regret later. Think about what happens when the smoke clears.

#2 Be happy or be right

First of all, try to decide what is more important to you – to be absolutely right or to be happy. Did you know that many arguments are the just result of wanting to be right? If you choose to be happy instead of winning every heated debate with your children, your life will become more enjoyable and you will become a calmer parent overall. Compromise is the golden rule of any relationship.

#3 Try to understand your anger

Instead of reacting mindlessly to what is happening, ask yourself WHAT and WHY you are feeling in this situation. Why does it make you so angry? Where is this emotion coming from? Are things really the way you think they are? By understanding your anger, you can look at the situation from a different perspective, understand its source, find solutions, and become a more patient parent.

#4 Look for solutions together with your children!

Instead of getting hysterical and proving your point, try to find a peaceful solution with your child. Ask your child for advice on how he or she sees the solution to your family dilemma. Tell him how you feel, why this is so important to you and ask his advice about the situation. The very fact that you are willing to listen to him as an equal will soften the capricious temper of your child and you will see the result will be much better than you expected.

#5 Learn and practice relaxation techniques

The more you relax on a regular basis as a parent, the less likely you are to lose control of your emotions. And the best part is, it’s a skill you can learn. Also, start drawing or coloring! Here you will find absolutely Free Printable Anti-stress Coloring Pages for adults for good cheer and parenting inspiration. Taking time for yourself is a resource that fills you with harmony, and that is the golden key to happy relationships with those around you. Seek harmony in your soul by trying to balance the colors so that they are a reflection of your emotions in “this” moment.

Sincerely, mom Mia


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