5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Regularly

These days is no need to convince anyone that brushing the teeth is much cheaper than treating them! All people know that the key to healthy and shiny teeth is proper nutrition combined with care for their cleanliness. This means limiting super-sweet foods and brushing the teeth daily.

As a rule, most children are not very interested in brushing their teeth, and without their parents ‘ reminders, they can completely forget about it! Isn’t that right? This is why it is so important to teach your child to take care of their teeth from an early age. Do You wonder to know how to do this? Below you will find 5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Regularly.

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Regularly

  1. Start oral hygiene with the first tooth! 

It’s never too early to make brushing the teeth part of your daily routine. In fact, dentists recommend starting dental care with the first tooth! Nightly, wipe kid’s first tooth with a special soft silicone brush or a soft, damp cloth, and sing his / her favorite song. So you will create a positive emotional consolidation and brushing will not be a battle in the future !

  2. Invent your own “toothy” story!

All children, without exception, love fairy tales. There is nothing easier to invent your own “toothy” story ! In our family, there is a story about the “terrible monster caries” that hides in the kids’ teeth who are too lazy to brushing, especially before going to bed. And most of all, monster is afraid of brave children, toothpaste and a brush. So-so story, 🙂 but our children really like it and most importantly it works!

Also, our children know, with bad teeth you cannot get to the Forest Fairies Sweets Feast .

The main idea is the child understands WHY he needs it!

  3. Be a good example!

Of course, it is useless to teach your child something if you don’t do it yourself! Let this be your family night ritual. Together and fun! The trick is that you can control the all process of brushing, because almost children try to finish it as quickly as possible.

All dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day, for two minutes at a time. It is optimal time to remove plaque.

 4.  Buy attractive children’s toothbrush

Little kids don’t have sleight of hand and brushing can be difficult for their, therefore always choose age-appropriate toothbrushes and organic toothpaste. And the main tip-let your child pick out their favorite toothbrush and favorite flavor of toothpaste. So he will not think that he is receiving another parental instruction!

At first, learn how to use an ordinary toothbrush,and only then start using an electric toothbrush. The fact is that the electric toothbrush can scare the baby with its buzzing and discourage to brush teeth for a long time. If this happened, let him or her feel the movement of the buzzing bristles in the palm of his hand before starting next time. You can also try to practice brushing the teeth of your kid’s favorite toy!

5. Don’t Relax! 

If you want this behavior to become a habit, it should be repeated regularly. Therefore, make sure that brushing becomes an important rule for your family. Try to anticipate situations in which it will be difficult for you to do this, and correct them in advance.

Are you going on a long journey? Drop toothbrushes in your carry-on bag to use it whenever you feel comfortable. Do you suddenly run out of toothpaste ? Just brush your teeth with water! There can be many situations, but only one solution: try to avoid deviations from brushing your teeth, and a similar habit will appear in your child.

Creating a fun and engaging routine at home will ensure your child develops a lifelong habit of caring for their “pearls”.

Sincerely, Mom’s at Home Mia


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