25+ Super Easy and Cute Origami for Beginner Kids

This post consists from 25+ of super easy and cute origami ideas for beginer kids projects – all of these have a step by step instructions showing how to make it simple! These Easy Origami Ideas are sure to give pleasure to you and your child. For this origami ideas You can use any kind of paper.

All step instructions are very simple, just see and do!

Looking for decorative DIY ideas for home?  


25 Super Easy & Fun Origami for Beginners Step by Step


Multi colored Bugs Origami Step-by-Step

These origami multi colored bugs are a great project for beginners of all ages.

Origami Multi colored Bugs Step-by-Step Instructions
Origami Bugs

Origami Easter Bunny Basket

Every year at Easter, we give each other colored eggs, and what if we make such an Original Easter Bunny Origami Basket !

Origami Easter Bunny Basket Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Easter Bunny Basket


Frog Traveler That Jumps Origami 

Arrange a frog race with your friends! First, let everyone make their own frog, then prepare a convenient platform on the floor and compete for whose frog-traveler will jump the furthest.

Origami Frog Traveler That Jumps Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Frog Traveler

Step-by-Step Fox Easy Origami

Want to make a fun Fox cub and his family? Of course, you will quickly cope with this task!

Origami Fox Easy Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Little Foxes


 Hat Samurai Step-by-Step Origami

Hocus pocus and the Samurai Hat turned into a fish!

Origami Hat Samurai Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Hat Samurai


Easy Pistol Origami Gun For Kids 


Easy Pistol Origami Gun For Kids Step-by-Step Instruction
Easy Pistol Origami Gun


 Crackers Origami Paper 

Crackers Origami will make a lot of noise, and they can be used to build a mini-wigwam for the Indians.

Easy Paper Crackers Origami Step-by-Step Instruction
Easy Paper Crackers Origami

 Paper Animals Cats Easy Origami


Easy Origami Paper Animals Cats Step-by-Step Instruction
Paper Animals Cats

Cobra & Copperhead Origami Easy


Paper Cobra & Copperhead Origami Easy Step-by-Step Instruction
Cobra & Copperhead Origami


Simple Origami Dove of Peace

These doves can flap their wings and move their tail.

Simple Paper Origami Doves of Peace Step-by-Step Instruction
Easy Origami Doves of Peace


 Yacht Boat Origami Step-by Step Instruction

 Own flotilla it is easy!

Easy Yacht Boat Origami Step-by-Step Instructions
Easy Yacht Boat Origami


  Origami Airplanes That Fly Step-by-Step 

Paper airplanes are an absolute classic! If you set the tail and wings correctly, they will fly!

Easy Paper Origami Airplanes That Fly Step-by-Step Instruction
Paper Origami Airplanes That Fly


 Black Swan Paper Origami Step-by-Step 


Paper Black Swan Origami Step-by-Step 
Paper Black Swan Origami


Origami Bat Step by Step Instructions


 Easy Origami Bat Step by Step Instructions
Easy Origami Bat


Mother’s Day Card DIY 

Mother's Day Card DIY Origami Step-by-Step Instructions
Mother’s Day Card DIY Origami



DIY Birthday Cards For Best Friend Step-by-Step


DIY Birthday Cards For Best Friend Step-by-Step Instructions
DIY Birthday Cards For Best Friend


 Moths Easy Origami by Steps


Origami Moths Step-by-Step Instructions
Origami Moths

Photo Frames Easy Origami


Easy DIY Paper Origami Photo Frame Step by Step Instructions
DIY Origami Photo Frame

Duck Origami Easy 


DIY Easy Origami Duck Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Duck


Hen and Chickens Origami Instruction


Easy Paper DIY Hen and Chickens Origami Step-by-step Instruction
Origami Hen and Chickens DIY

 Heart Paper Origami

Your best friend is worthy of special attention. A kind word or a friendly greeting will look very sincere on such a cute card or pendant for a gift.

origami heart envelope step by step instruction
DIY Oigami Heart


 Fish Aquarium Origami Steps


Origami Fish Aquarium Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Fish Aquarium

Village Step-by-Step Paper Origami


Building houses out of paper is very simple. The barn and houses can be assembled into one village. Draw doors and Windows and they will immediately look like a real village!

Paper Origami Village Step-by-Step Instruction
Paper Origami Village

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Envelope Birthday with Card Origami


Origami Envelope Birthday Card Step-by-Step Instruction
Origami Envelope Birthday Card



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